BlueSemi’s SecureOne™ is the anti-counterfeiting solution you need to protect your premier products from imitations.

Non-interfering with product and packaging


Easy digital verification



Stick-On Device

SecureOne is a small anti-counterfeiting sticker that is enabled with near-field communication. It does not interfere with the product or its packaging and simply requires for it to be stuck near the seal or opening.

Unique Identification Code

Each smart chip is equipped with an exclusive SecureOne UID that makes inventory management as well as theft prevention simpler for the manufacturer by monitoring the product location, retail store details and purchase confirmation.

Customized Access

SecureOne chips have two access portals. For the manufacturer, an application will provide access to product location and safety; for customers, a webpage will describe the product features and suggest other alternatives from the brand.

Three-Layer Security

The SecureOne chip is impossible to tamper with because of its three-layer security with 128-bit SSL encryption at the UID-, app-, and back-end levels. Any interference with the sticker will automatically trigger a warning for the manufacturer.

Scalable Technology

Since the product is a small sticker that has minimum product interference, the technology can be customized and scaled across a wide range of products from alcohol and pharmaceuticals to luxury brands.

Economical Marketing

The enhanced customer interaction and engagement will improve the brand’s image. Additionally, manufacturers can use the pop-up weblink for effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

SecureOne™ can use in different industries, including:

Alcohol And Other Beverages


Luxury Products


Automobile Spare Parts


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecureOne™?

SecureOne™ is an anti-counterfeiting sticker device that employs cutting-edge technology to verify a product’s authenticity as well as protect it from possible tampering or theft.

What if someone simply steals the sticker?

Any tampering with the SecureOne™ sticker will result in broken wiring. This will automatically reflect the status of the product as sold. Once broken, the chip cannot be reactivated.

Will the manufacturer need to install an application?

When you purchase SecureOne™, you will be given an APK file to install on any digital device of your choice, free of cost. This will enable easy inventory management and tracking of items that have the chip. 

How does it prevent counterfeiting?

Every smart chip has its own SecureOne™ UID which will allow the manufacturer to monitor the product’s location. Customers can verify the product’s authenticity by checking the UID through their own mobile device.

Is it compatible with all materials?

Yes, SecureOne™ is compatible with a variety of materials. It comes in two versions – one for metals and another for non-metals that sticks on plastic, wood, cloth and other items.

Why should I get SecureOne™?

SecureOne™ is a one-stop solution for counterfeiting, brand building, marketing, as well as building trust among your customers. It is scalable across products and industries, depending on your requirement. Talk to a representative to understand more.


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