BlueSemi R&D For someone whose “passion is analog design in VLSI”, Sunil Maddikatla has certainly got it right. From a problem statement in his area of research that struck a chord, to the vision and encouragement demonstrated by his advisor, to the entire startup eco-system that CIE provides access to, Sunil acknowledges that coming to IIIT-H was the best thing that happened to him. “I always dreamt of starting something on my own but didn’t have access to the right resources or a supportive eco-system.” Steered in the right direction by CIE’s mentorship, coupled with seed funding from a few angel investors and product validation from a couple of clients, this start-up just recently celebrated it’s first anniversary.

What is it? With cutting edge technology for the times we live in, this R&D company is building integrated chips with all-time lows – low cost with low area (compact size), using ultra low power, and at extremely wide temperature ranges. All of this with the highest accuracy. It’s unique, miniature design makes it an ideal candidate for core circuits of IoT devices and other smart wearables. Sunil’s first product was the patented world’s most accurate temperature sensor that works at military grade ranges (‐55 ​0​ C to 125 ​0​ C).Having zeroed in on the potential of sensors and batteries as the key components of IoT devices, and consumer electronics, Sunil is not only working on sensors but BlueSemi’s USP is their ultra low power designs in advanced technology nodes such as the autonomous vehicle space. The aim is to provide the best accuracy with their unique sensor designs for driverless cars. They have also proven prototypes of multi energy harvesters where external sources of energy like WiFi, Temperature, and ambient light are captured and stored for low-powered wearables and IoT devices.