BlueSemi’s EoN™ is a pioneer in zero-power IoT technology, harvesting energy from ambient sources to power wearables and other smart devices.

No battery replacement required

Eco-friendly, with low carbon footprint

Compact design for easy integration



Low Maintenance

EoN™ taps into ambient sources of energy, thereby eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.  With an estimated life of about 5 years and the ability to upgrade annually, it reduces the frequency of manual intervention.

Seamless Integration

The energy harvester is compatible with a range of e-displays, sensors, BLEs and portable electronics. Given that it is almost invisible tech, is completely non-interfering with user experience and can be onboarded with minimum investment, its integration in any industry will be seamless.

Clean Tech

EoN™’s non-dependence on coal power or lithium batteries reduces its total carbon footprint. Instead of using new energy, it uses latent energy generated from ambient sources like portable digital devices and radio frequencies, making it a sustainable product.

Higher Flexibility

The technology is built to support a range of temperatures and voltages that make it a flexible product. EoN™ can support voltages up to 5V as well as function in temperatures between -40ºC and 125ºC.

Real-Time Data

When used for data storage and transmission, like in smart retail shelves, speedy flow of real-time data will improve business analytics and allow immediate monitoring of inventory across different locations.


Optimal Cost

Apart from being optimally priced, installing EoN™ will reduce overhead costs otherwise spent on energy sources, battery replacements, and frequent maintenance.

EoN™ can service a number of industries, including:

Retail Technology

Autonomous Vehicles Like Connected Cars

Smart Homes

Wearable Devices



Frequently Asked Questions

What is EoN™?

EoN™ is a multi-energy harvesting technology that can replace your need for sockets and batteries. It draws from ambient latent energy in the environment to power other smart devices.

How do you charge EoN™?

Since EON is powered by ambient energy, it does not need to be charged at all, except for the first time. Essentially, it is a device that needs a one-time charge, after which it is self-powered by on continuous charge by tapping into latent energy in the environment.

Can EoN™ be integrated with an existing device?

Absolutely! EoN™ has two versions: one that can be pre-installed in your product, and another that can be integrated with an existing device. By choosing the latter, your device becomes battery- or charging-free.

How long does EoN™ take to charge?

The time taken to charge a device depends on the device itself. A small smart watch may get powered up within a few minutes while an energy-heavy smart shelf is bound to take longer. Rest assured, speed or power outage will not be a concern with EoN™ because of its dependence on ambient energy.

What is EoN™’s application?

With its temperature, pressure, and voltage-control, EoN™’s technology can be used in a number of industries. In retail, EoN™ can be an efficient addition to smart shelf management. In smart homes, EoN™ can speed up the charging process of portable electronic devices, while its application in road infrastructure can improve the efficacy of connected cars. EoN™’s suitability extends far beyond these; our experts can guide you on how it can fit into your business.

Why should I get EoN™?

EoN™ will set you on the path to using cutting-edge, clean, and efficient technology that will enable you to explore new product spaces. It can integrate easily with an existing device or be part of a new design, and is extendable to a number of applications and industries.


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