Bluesemi, a start-up engaged in building IoT devices, has developed ‘SENS’, a contactless and wireless thermal scanner that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect body temperature.

Sunil Kumar Maddikatla, Chief Executive and Founder of Bluesemi, said the device could be installed at the entrance, from where it would automatically detect the temperature of a person within 15 cm distance and provide the reading in 3 to 5 seconds. “It is far more accurate than a hand-held thermal scanner; it also helps reduce the risk of frontline workers,” he said, and explained “the security personnel mandated with checking the body temperature of employees can, while sitting remotely, switch the device (through the mobile app) and be alerted when the person is outside the monitoring range.
“The frontline workers or security need not stand within touching distance of the individual to take the reading. Further, as the sensor is designed for medical use, it accurately measures the individual’s body temperature and records the information in a specialised digital app that can be downloaded on the individual’s mobile or integrated into the company’s security or healthcare systems.”

Files patent
The company has filed a patent. “We have installed 300 devices (SENS) in the pilot phase, not just in India, but across the borders as well. The response has been phenomenal, particularly from the Railways, Central and State government offices, large corporates etc. ” said Maddikatla.

The T-Hub-incubated start-up specialises in making sensor-based products. “We are intent on creating self-powered IoT devices, including sensors, wearables, retail-tech, connected cars, and other smart products/ devices.”

The company has developed two more devices:

BlueSemi’s EoN is a pioneer in zero-power IoT technology, harvesting energy (using IoT technology) from ambient sources to power wearables and other smart devices, and BlueSemi SecureOne, which is an anti-counterfeiting solution to protect premier products from imitations.


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