Small Innovations. Large Revolution.

Innovation can drive a revolution.

BlueSemi’s pioneering research in semiconductors is powered towards supporting the fourth wave of technology in today’s world that hinges on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Our innovations are aimed at exceptionally accurate, zero-power, independent and scalable solutions that will find numerous applications in new-age systems that demand efficiency at low costs.


Simplifying Products and Solutions 

At BlueSemi, we believe that continuous improvements in technology can help build a better world. We are in the process of simplifying complex technological concepts into simple solutions that will meet the sustainable demands.

Zero power edge computing using AI/ML

High performance is synonymous with high power. In AI/ML, superior performance is everything. BlueSemi’s research is committed to shifting this narrative. Our unique Zero Power Intelligent Systems strives for high output by leveraging the strength of edge computing and ambient energy. A multi-energy harvester, that taps into latent energy in the environment, needs to be paired with a system that supports its input. Through processing units that gather only relevant data and discard the fluff, our cutting-edge tech endeavors to create IoT systems that leave a minimum carbon footprint despite their high-speed and accurate performance.

The resulting efficient, sustainable and durable infrastructure built on strong IoT and automation technologies can be useful in multiple spheres of smart city applications. From road organization and connected cars to solar pavements or smart bus stations, compact and energy-optimizing devices can revolutionize the design. 

High-security device to device communication

Security is non-negotiable for sensitive device-to-device (D2D) communication. Yet, data transmission through wireless networks in physically-proximate devices are susceptible to interceptions despite strong encryption. Skilled hackers can crack software cryptographies with ease and steal, modify or even manipulate data that will shake up a device’s core functioning.

BlueSemi seeks to combine software protection with hardware security wherein even a slight indication of data interception will trigger functional changes, such as cutting off power supply or launching sleep-mode. A combination strategy will enable flawless high-speed data transmission between adjacent devices without weakening security or privacy. This technology will find special use in connected cars where even a small glitch in D2D communication can lead to massive loss of life through malfunctions or collisions. A breakthrough in this strategy can have far-reaching consequences for technological advancements in the contemporary scenario.

Ultra-high-speed wireless communication

In a world where wireless traffic data transmission is rapidly increasing, given the way society shares and consumes information, the need for speed has increased. Delayed communication among digital devices can hamper user experience during a product engagement and dilute its quality. For instance, AR/VR usage demands ultra-high-speed data transmission, the failure to do which can temper the entire outcome. This necessitates faster and efficient communication flow from one network source to another.

BlueSemi’s compact high-power band transceivers, efficient broadband antennae, and frequency-selective path loss channels are working towards navigating this paradigm that will allow data communication at speeds higher than 2 Gbps. Ultra-high-speed wireless communication systems are also essential for quick decision making, which will improve the functioning of not only gaming devices but also connected cars, delivery drones, and other smart mobile gadgets.

Ultra-low accuracy Analog/RF IPs

Efficient analog circuits are the answer to many of today’s problems in the digital world. Any change in the transistor design of analogs in semiconductor chips can derail a device’s functioning. Exposure to changes in temperature, radio frequencies or voltage fluctuations can alter the composition of the capacitator and trigger behavioral changes that will impact the final output. BlueSemi aims to identify any such vulnerabilities so to prevent direct modification from hindering with a device’s effective functioning. An in-built system will tackle any sensitivity to process, voltage and temperature variations that will ultimately boost overall efficacy. 

At a foundational level, ultra-high accuracy analog RF IP expertise can drive all future innovation efforts by becoming a resource library. Even at BlueSemi, this project dictates the course of the other three research components because of its fundamental importance in semiconductor inventions.

Value Proposition

Why Invest?

  • Minimum power. Maximum Performance
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Scalable across devices, irrespective of size
  • High security and privacy
  • Low cost


  • Contemporary smart devices
  • Smart city infrastructure
  • Safe and sustainable connected vehicles
  • VR/ AR
  • New-age warehouses and retail outlets

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