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EoN™ Features

EoN™ – The New Generation of Zero-Power IoT

EoN™ is based on technology that harvests ambient energy to power wearables and IoT devices. Get reliable and accurate information every time with lower replacement cycles and fewer instances of manual intervention.

Powered by ambient energy sources

Long lifetime with zero battery replacement cycles
Minimum carbon footprint

Compatible across numerous sensors, e-displays, and BLE

Temperature- and voltage-resistant

SecureOne Features

SecureOne™ – Eliminate Imitations and Reclaim Your Brand

SecureOne™ is an anti-counterfeiting sticker that can verify a product’s authenticity. Customers can confirm the brand’s legitimacy by simply scanning the product using their mobile phones, while companies can counter the risk of fakes.

Near-field communication-enabled device
Exclusive SecureOne UID (unique ID) per product

Digital authentication and track-and-trace powered

Customizable technology for bottle caps and lids
One-time use only

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