India is in its fifth week of national lockdown, fighting the grave dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept through the world. Healthcare workers are leading this battle, risking exposure to the novel virus everyday as they treat thousands of new patients relentlessly and struggle to do their best to lower the fatalities.

It is clear that this war cannot be won unless the entire world dedicates all its resources to tide over the crisis. The medical, scientific and business communities have to unite to come up with breakthrough solutions. In order to contribute its two cents to the problem, BlueSemi has invented Project Neem – the need-of-the-hour device that will ease the pressure off the medical community in these trying times.

What is Project Neem?

A rising body temperature is one of the first indications that an individual could have COVID-19. As of now, healthcare workers are using thermometer guns to test and record body temperature. Although this does limit direct physical contact, there is still the need for an individual to be present to document the information. Given the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment across the country, such interactions can increase exposure. 

BlueSemi’s Project NEEM is a direct solution to this problem. NEEM is a smart, contactless thermal sensor and imager that can measure a person’s or a crowd’s body temperature and deliver this data wirelessly to a digital app.

With this device, a healthcare provider need not be physically present to note a person’s body temperature. An individual will simply have to place their palm over the smart thermal sensor, which will automatically record the temperature and relay it to a connected digital gadget like a phone or tablet. NEEM can also be integrated into an existing healthcare solution or AI-powered detection platform.

NEEM’s application during this outbreak can be momentous – not only can it help monitor individual temperatures, but it can also screen crowds, raise red alerts and assist the government to monitor the health of its population.

In the Media

Acknowledging the contributions that NEEM can make to fight off the COVID-19 outbreak, we are pleased to announce that nine national and local media agencies, including Economic Times, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, TechCircle, and Inc42 have covered BlueSemi’s unique innovation as part of Telangana’s startup incubator, T-Hub.

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