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Eyva is proudly representing India at VivaTech,
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See you from 15th - 18th June 2022 at Indian Pavilion in Paris, France.

Step into the new age of health & wellness.

Non-invasive. Blood glucose. 6 vitals in 60 seconds

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    OUR VISION Build quality of life for humans & quality of life on the planet earth through supporting the fourth wave of technology in today’s world that hinges on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. We endeavor towards being a team of strong and highly efficient members to bring a positive behavioral transformation by impacting more than a billion lives with our products and innovation.

    As part of our commitment to transforming health monitoring and enhancing quality of life, our HealthTech company is extending its reach into the pharmaceutical sector. Recognizing the need for affordable healthcare solutions, we are focusing on the development and distribution of cost-effective medications, including cheap Cialis, to make essential treatments more accessible to the public. This initiative reflects our dedication to leveraging technology not only for innovation but also for addressing practical healthcare challenges, ensuring that our contributions positively impact the affordability and availability of vital health products for people around the world.

    About Us


    A revolutionary HealthTech company with a mission to transform the way people monitor their health on a daily basis. We leverage innovative, cutting-edge technology that promotes responsible disruption in Consumer HealthTech AIoT through our proven expertise in product development. We are determined by being aligned towards the world’s most compelling and key vertical Preventive and Connected HealthTech to bring a positive transformation in people’s lives.

    Idea Behind

    The Consumer HealthTech focused startup BlueSemi, was founded in 2017, the word ‘blue’ signifying innovation and infinity. We believe the world is geared towards a smart and sustainable HealthTech revolution.


    At BlueSemi, we strive to do the impossible. Drawing inspiration from nature, we are paving the path to a Preventive & Connected HealthTech ecosystem that will be the driving force of new-age technology. We are determined to impact the lives of every consumer and bring positive behavioral change by helping them connect to their health while building quality of life.


    BlueSemi is committed to a ‘Made in India’ vision and being for the world.

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